Salsa - Cubana Intermediate
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Salsa Cubana Intermediate

Salsa Cubana, also known as Cuban-style Salsa, Casino-style or "de la calle" is a dynamic partner dance that originated in Cuba.

 The dance combines circular movements and musicality and is danced in a style that emphasizes the natural movement of the body. Spontaneous creativity and improvisation are encouraged and defines the individual styles of each dancer. Salsa Cubana especially celebrates the spirit of community and social dancing.

 In this course, we will focus on improving leading and following the dance. Building on the basics, we want to improve the execution of the core elements and combine them into more complex figures. In addition, we learn variations of the core elements to make our dances more versatile and fun!


You do not have to come with a fixed dance partner, we will change dance partners frequently.



You are familiar with the rhythm of Salsa songs and can stay in the rhythm at different speeds.
You are confident in the basic elements:
Guapéala, Dile Que No, Enchufala, Vacila, Cubanita, Coca Cola
You have already heard of or danced:

exhíbela y engaños, hook turn, vuelta, double turns
This is usually the case after 2-3 courses.

Kursort: Seminarhaus SH - SH 2.101, Campus Westend

1046Do18:30-20:00Campus Westend19.10.-08.02.Fabian Reinisch
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