Tanz - Female Style
verantwortlich: Luisa Handing





Female Style

Together we will expand your dance base to female style dance elements, do exercises to enhance those skills. We concentrate primarily on posture, gestures and facial expressions in order to develop a music understanding and build dancing self-confidence.

The course consists of an intensive warm-up, across the floor choreos and stretching program followed by learning one relatively long choreography together. The across the floor choreos are very important to develop confidence in dance improvisation. Any previous knowledge of dance is needed, otherwise it will be challenging to catch up. For training bring comfortable sportswear, knee pads (for floor work highly recommended) and smile.

I look forward to seeing you!

Choreography example from previous semester:

1413Fr20:00-21:45Halle 410.05.-19.07.Veranika Kukushki
28/ 40/ 105 €
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für Studierende & Auszubildende der Goethe-Universität

40 EUR
für Beschäftigte der Goethe-Universität

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