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MDS Advanced-1 (My Dance Style)/  vorher: Contemporary Dance

What is MDS session? It's a straightforward movement style session that promotes health and transformation, enabling you to continue doing what you love. MDS is categorised as a Contemporary Dance style. This style was created by Emeel Safie in Frankfurt am Main, Germany in 2019, with the purpose of transforming our daily lives into a Dance choreography to enhance our Mindset-Movement-Treatment Performances. The style seamlessly combines elements from modern dance, daily routines, floorwork, and ballet.

1609Di20:00-21:30Halle 416.04.-16.07.Emeel Safie
24/ 36/ 90 €
24 EUR
für Studierende & Auszubildende der Goethe-Universität

36 EUR
für Beschäftigte der Goethe-Universität

90 EUR
für Gäste